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Your guide to a streak free tan.

It is common knowledge that everyone looks better with a tan. Well, at least I do! However, is having a spray tan for your wedding that tricky – “Is it something that I really want to risk before my big day? Especially when I am all in white?” I am sure it is something that you have been debating to yourself for some time.

Wedding Essentials is hanging out with Go Brown Mobile Spray Tanning Company Owner, Senior Tanning Technician and Expert Tuané Kirschner, to get some advice. In short Tuané says? ‘Of course you can, no risk at all! Just ensure that you go to a tanner you trust, who is proficient, who knows you and approaches the tan like you would your hair and make-up: with tests, trials and calculated precision,’ says Tuané compellingly.

Take note of Go Browns Steps to Spray Tanning Success before your wedding day. (Given that this is the one person, who many ladies trust to see them in disposable G-stings, having dealt with celeb tantrums, supermodel cellulite, and oversized bodybuilders, never failing them, be sure to follow it to the letter before your fast-approaching big day…) Build up a relationship with a Proficient Spray Tanner who you trust at least six months before the wedding.‘I can’t count the number of Brides who have walked in to see me the day before their wedding and asked for a tan. My darling that’s a disaster right there!’ says Tuané. Start your search process six months before your wedding finding a good proficient tanner who you can experiment with to find your perfect shade that enhances your natural beauty. You do not want to clash with your Groom or appear Oros in your white dress’ Take time to really think about the look you want to achieve.‘If you’re wearing a crisp white dress, your tan will automatically appear darker,’ warns Tuané, ‘so it’s important to discuss with your Go Brown Tanning Technician what shade you’re looking for. Take into consideration your skin type. For most Brides I’d recommend a single coat of our classic Spring Breeze on the body and on the face but it really depends on your skin – again this is where your Tanning Technician needs to guide you.’ Just an extra note of caution: remember you’ll be having photos with your groom so make sure you’re not burnt toast brown and the groom is vampire pale.

You’re supposed to coordinate, you know…Don’t have your tan in the night before the wedding! In your six months of practice tans watch and learn to see how your spray tan develops and decide how many days after the treatment it looks best, emphasises Tuané. ‘Most people’s tans look best two - three days after the tan,’ she says. ‘That’s when the colour has settled but the skin hasn’t cracked or exfoliated too much.’ Have a spray tan before your make-up trial… Your make-up artist will need to test out shades of eye colour and foundations on the skin colour you’re going to have on the big day. ‘So make sure you book in for your PRE hair and make-up Go Brown trial spray tan exactly the same number of days before you’re planning to on your big day,’ says Tuané. Exfoliate thoroughly two days before any spray tan appointment. Enough said on that, it’s really

self-explanatory… Hair removal needs to happen 24 hours before your spray tan. So book you bikini wax in time please.

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