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To travel for love and to say “I Do" these destinations will make your dreams come true.

A destination wedding in Europe is your chance to have a very unique love celebration and surprisingly, reduce the wedding costs at the same time. Travel to a wedding location that is meaningful to you and celebrate only surrounded by those who care about you too, who will be willing to travel far and wide to celebrate your love. It’s true that a destination wedding can be as big or as small as the couple wishes: only the two of you, with a couple of witnesses, or maybe with the closest family and friends. The true advantage is you'll be able to share your vows in a European landscape, like never seen before by all. If you decide to have a destination wedding in Europe, you can have your ceremony in France, Italy, Spain or Switzerland, some of the TOP wedding destination countries. If you want a chic & cosmopolitan wedding? Pick Paris, Madrid or Florence. If you want a celebration full of ancient history choose Rome or Seville? If you are looking for a colorful and unique ceremony, then Barcelona or Venice will surprise you. . And should you marry by the beach on the French Riviera you are sure to feel like a movie star! Whatever your personality is, Wedding Essentials has profiled some service providers that will be sure to bring style and elegance to your special that is tailor-made to your love-story.

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