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In the lead up to their wedding day, many brides will attempt to eat healthy and exercise in order to lose weight for the big day. While there is nothing wrong with this process, it can all go wrong. Many brides try this and find they go off track because the wedding planning gets in the way of their health regime. So instead of feeling trim on their wedding days, they end up feeling disappointed that they weren’t able to stay on track. This, in turn, can lead to feeling more selfconscious than they would have originally. To avoid these negative feelings, how about we try a different tactic. Instead of trying to lose weight for the wedding, how about trying to accept the body you have right now? I know it may sound crazy if you’re someone who suffers with your self-confidence but it’s possible. Anyone can conjure up self-confidence. And here’s a little secret: literally every bride looks beautiful on her wedding day no matter what size or shape she is.

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