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The desire to give advice, is itself a symbol of disapproval

When you are partnered with another person, you have no choice but to become a part of their family, and that means you have more than just a new relationship with them. You have their entire family to get to know and welcome as well. For some, this is a seamless and pleasant experience. For others, it is the start of a toxic and unhealthy relationship, like a dark cloud that follows their family for years. After things get serious and the engagement stage wears off, you may even notice you have a future mother-in-law who is not all that pleas - ant. You might even find yourself the lucky beneficiary of micro-aggressions that turn into passive aggression until they morph into full-blown aggression. Maybe she tells you the right way to fold the laundry or frequently stops by unannounced. Perhaps she has already made future plans for your first-born and insists that she should be allowed in the delivery room when you have your baby. Or she asks you why you do not dish up your partner’s food at dinner times. Maybe your future mother-in-law shows signs of jealousy over your marriage or she be - gins to manipulate situations to cast you in a bad light. Whatever it is, these behaviors tend to pile up over time until they begin affecting your mental and emotional health and well being. It is no wonder so many are searching for advice on how to deal with a difficult “soon-to-be” one.

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