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When it comes to choosing your wedding shoes, there’s a lot to think about. Anything from the length of your wedding gown to your ability to walk the whole day in high heels can have an impact on the kind of shoes you end up with. You can be sure your shoes will take a starring role in your wedding photos so choose something you love!

Wedding shoe shapes

Wedding shoes with open toes, or strappy sandals, provide you with a sexy flirty look, and are great for petite women that feel confident about their feet. A good pedicure is essential if you are going with open toed shoes, as your feet will be visible in your wedding pictures. Open toed shoes with heels are perfect for evening and formal weddings, whereas flat open toed shoes can also be great for casual beach or garden weddings.

Wedding shoes with closed toes are the most upscale style bridal shoe and particular thought should be given to these as the toe is the most often seen part of the bridal shoe. Pointed toes are still popular, particularly for elegant evening weddings, and they make the foot look a bit slimmer. Round toes are a cuter, more bohemian style, making the foot look smaller but wider. As an alternative, peep toe bridal shoes provide only a glimpse of one or two perfectly polished pinkies, but give more cover and structure. Peep toes give you a classic look that is good for daytime weddings, while still looking great later on.

Wedding shoe heel heights

Flat wedding shoes are all about comfort, and they are great for taller brides that don’t need that bit of extra height. Flat shoes are generally better worn with a full length skirt as they can make legs look stumpy in a short skirt. Flat sandals are perfect for a garden or beach reception, and they go well with the current trend for Grecian goddess style gowns.

High heels are ideal for giving brides confidence and elegance as they walk down the aisle, and platform shoes with stacked soles are a popular choice this season. High heels and platforms are especially stylish with shorter skirts as they give the leg a longer look. Ensuring you can walk in your heels is essential, and having a back-up pair of flats for later in the day is never a bad idea.

For a great mix of height and comfort, look for bridal shoes with a wedge heel. These are ideal for outdoor summer weddings, and suit all figure shapes. From the front and the back they will appear as regular high heels, and for most of the day the wedge will be hidden from sight under the gown.

Wedding shoe colours

Specifically designed bridal shoes are generally available in a choice of ivory or white to compliment most wedding gowns. You can also get shoes dyed to match the actual colour of your dress, and that may be a great idea if you are getting a gown in a non-standard colour.

Metallic shoes are a great choice for brides wanting a change from white. Wedding shoes are available in gold, silver, bronze, and metallic pink; just ensure they match your wedding jewellery.

There is a move towards statement wedding shoes, with brides wearing coloured or embellished shoes to highlight their true personalities under their simple white gowns. As long as you match your bouquet with your shoes, they won’t look out of place. Any colour from purple and pink to orange and black is available, and many brides are selecting to wear their shoes as their something blue.

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