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Styling your newlywed home is one of the great joys of being a married couple. You get to add that certain bit of pizazz to your interiors and bring some flavour to your environment. With every year adapting and molding a new set of trendy guidelines for our homes, it may be quite a challenge to match your own tastes and style preferences with what’s in fashion right now. Not to worry, because with these easily adaptable interior trends you can combine your own style with what’s happening in the world of a modern home.


Splashes of greenery has been on the rise over the past year, and is gaining some rapid momentum. Add some nature to your home with patterned plants. Hang them up to create a natural atmosphere to your home, or use them as tabletop ornaments, whatever you do with them is up to you. Plants are very versatile and can be used just about anywhere in your home.


Modern bathrooms are being styled with a sophisticated and refined look. Elements of a spa-type maturity are on the rise. Searches for “Bathroom Spas” has increased by a staggering 269% over the past year, with Jacuzzi-styled baths and minimalist showers. Earthy, single tones throughout the bathroom with sophisticated accents will bring out the relaxed atmosphere you deserve when soaking in the tub.


Textured fabrics have hit modern interiors with a bang! With velvet being the texture of 2018, deciding on the feel for your couches just became a whole lot easier. Leather is also making a grand comeback, especially when used to accent bedrooms. Use leather sparingly, as a leather-overload could be a bit overpowering to the eye.


Kitchen designs are being overhauled. Metallic elements and splashes of moodier colours are replacing the soft pinks and lighter tones. Dark woods are replacing the lighter toned tabletops while terrazzo is making its way to your tiles. Don’t be discouraged to add it to your flooring, as terrazzo tiles are predicted to stick around for the next while.


Statement ceilings have replaced statement walls. Rooms are being styled with inventive transformations from the top down while walls are being kept to one colour. People are steering away from making their walls a standout and adding the complexity to their ceilings so keep an eye out for creative way to amp up your roomtops.


Pure white, beige and stone are being replaced mute greens with grey undertones. Woods with creamier palettes will compliment any plants you’ve added to the room while tones of jade and olive are replacing the splashes of Millennial Pinks of last year.

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