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Spring & Summer Trends 2019

About the Owner

What inspired you to become a wedding planner? Where did your passion for weddings start?

My passion for Weddings and Events all began at a young age, from the happy time I spent with my Gran in her florist during my school holidays. I would help in the shop and take care of the flowers but, whenever I got the chance, I would collect the leftover flowers, oases, chipped pots and other bits and pieces to make my own little creations and designs.

When in school, I would grab every opportunity to plan and coordinate any Event, from Parties to Baby Showers to the School Valentine’s Day Balls. Back then, I would plan and coordinate these Events for pleasure and as a chance to express my passion. I found it to be so rewarding and fulfilling to see others’ happiness, watching their faces light up as they entered the event and be mesmerised by the occasion. At that stage, I did not fully realise that I could make my passion my career.

After studying Business Management once leaving school, I then went on to qualify as an Advanced Wedding and Event Planner. Since then, I have been in the industry ‘tying the knot’ for couples and making every moment ‘To The T’ for the past eight years. Today, To The T Events offers a full range of Wedding and Event services, broadly-speaking these include Wedding Planning, Floral Design and Décor Styling, Coordination, and Décor Hire.

Do you have a preference, such as more outdoor weddings – or more indoor weddings that you like to do?

Our preference regardless is for personalisation. To The T Events has been built on the philosophy that every couple is different, and, therefore, each Wedding we create and produce is unique, with the ‘personality’ of the couple shining through. Over the years, I have created personalised Weddings both indoors and outdoors, in high-end venues and even in forests, in the urban city as well as in the heart of the South African bush.

Booking services:

What is required to book you for my wedding date?

It is quite easy. Once sending an enquiry through to To The T Events via email ( or on the company website (, I will contact you personally with a few questions for you to answer. The questions will try to discover ‘the feel’ for your Wedding and on which we can base an initial estimate for the required services. We will then set-up a face-to-face meeting to discuss your Wedding ideas in more detail and finalise the estimate and quote. Then, it is just a matter of paying the deposit to secure the date of your Wedding.

What is the security deposit (or the full amount) to reserve this date?

A percentage of the total quote (usually 40%) is required to secure the Wedding date.

Will you personally be at my wedding or will you send others?

While we have an experienced and passionate team at To The T Events, I will be involved in every step and oversee all aspects of your Wedding. From the initial communication to arranging your flowers and décor to setting up on your Wedding Day, I will personally be involved and oversee the entire process.

How early do you set-up for an event?

Ideally, we set-up the day before the Wedding with only those crucial final touches being done on the morning of the Wedding. But, again, each couple and Wedding are different, and set-up may also be dependent on the size of the Wedding, the labour required, and the regulations and availability of the Wedding Venue.

Are there any additional day-of charges I should know about?

Preferably, there should be no additional day-of charges. For a successful and stress-free Wedding, I have found it to be most important that we finalise all items and payments well before your Wedding Day. To ensure this, I will work closely with the couple along their personalised timeframe and according to their agreed budget. Additional day-of charges would only occur for exceptional requests by the couple that are made on the day of the Wedding.

Who is responsible for removing the decorations? Is the removal of the décor covered in our package or are there any additional fees?

The set-up and removal of décor are covered in the package and will be discussed as part of the initial meeting.

Have you worked with any other venues before? Do you have a preference to style or do you bring out the bride and groom’s personality though the flowers and decor for their big day?

I have worked at a number of Venues across the country and in a variety of surroundings, from high-end facilities in Hyde Park to the bush of the Cradle of Humankind.

I have a strong preference for bringing the dream of the couple to life. I prefer personalisation and uniqueness, thinking out of the box and trying new things, setting trends rather than merely following them. When you look at the past Weddings I have produced, you will see that no two Weddings are the same and that they speak to the individuality of the couple. This is a primary driving force at To The T Events and at the heart of who we are.

Some tips for Brides and Grooms:

Underestimating Décor and Flowers:

While the Venue and photographs are important, it is the décor and flowers that bring the Venue to life – bringing the beauty and enchantment to your Wedding Day. While the Venue provides the environment, the décor and flowers essentially create the atmosphere and ambience for your Wedding and enhances the overall experience for you and your guests, with the photographs capturing these special moments for a lifetime.

The DIY Bride and Groom:

The last thing you want to be doing as a Bride and Groom is running after suppliers, dealing with resource quantity, fetching and returning stock, attending to cleaning duties, setting up and breaking down, handling unforeseen problems and circumstances, resolving shortfalls and breakages, and dealing with the regular headaches and the occasional moments of anguish, especially on your Wedding Day! Time and time again, those few DIY Brides and Grooms have come to me after their Wedding saying that they had made the biggest mistake by trying to do it all themselves. While their Wedding did receive all their attention, they ran out of time to pay attention to themselves (and each other) and were too distracted to experience and cherish the full impact and significance of their Wedding. Your Wedding is only one day, and it needs to be about YOU. Give the headaches and the attendant hassles to the professionals – that is why I am here for you.

The Budget Process:

Start with your provisional guest list, get a good idea of your number of guests and then try to align what you deem to be a suitable budget. At To The T Events, when bringing me on-board as your Wedding Planner and discussing your Décor and Flowers, we encourage an upfront and transparent approach as you need to appreciate what is feasible and what is not. Your budget will allow us to best advise you, align your expectations, deliver to your satisfaction, and help you get the most value for your money. Without a budget or armed merely with a ‘wish list’, it often becomes an unproductive and time-consuming game of hit and miss and, again, detracts from the excitement of the occasion.

The Bride and Groom:

Most importantly, remember that your Wedding Day is about YOU. You set the tone of your Wedding, and if you are relaxed and enjoy yourself then so will your guests. Take in every moment and enjoy it as you are making memories of a lifetime.

Meeting with your Décor and Flower supplier:

Should I bring in photos of designs I like?

Yes, photos of designs will definitely help. Photos of a design you like or something similar to what you like provide a good departure point for the overall design and creation of your Wedding.

Can you copy a centrepiece idea from a picture I provide?

A picture can be copied. However, it is critically important to keep in mind such important factors as the availability of certain flowers and décor within your Wedding country or location. As your Wedding Planner, I will guide you through the best available options, and I will also help combine and personalise elements of various designs into the unique design for your Wedding instead of just copying a picture.

Have you decorated any weddings with a theme?

Yes, I have. Themed Weddings are becoming quite popular. But there is a fine line between your Wedding being themed and your Wedding looking more like a Birthday Party. You do not want to go over-the-top with a particular Theme. And that would be my responsibility as your Wedding Planner to best guide and assist you to achieve your objective.

Do you have any examples of past floral centrepieces you have had at weddings?

Of course we do! I pride myself in all the Weddings and centrepieces we have created at To The T Events. While I do have a collection of pieces we have done on our website ( and my Instagram (@taryn_the_wedding_designer), I regularly keep the To The T Events Facebook page up-to-date.

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