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It’s smoking hot – Weed Weddings are all the rage

Yes you read right. Apparently many brides and grooms are now swapping traditional open bars for marijuana, otherwise referred to as cannabis bars.

Did you know? It's becoming so popular in the USA that there are entire companies devoted to creating weed-weddings. This includes just about everything you can think of – including bouquets and boutonnieres filled with bud, right down to pot party favors!

Some couples are even choosing cannabis over cocktails and other alcohol at their receptions, their reason being that it saves money and avoids drunken antics. Plus everyone will be happy and high and they'll be too busy at the budtender's booth to abuse alcohol.

Yes, in 2016, the very first Cannabis Wedding Expo took place in Colorado, USA. Cannabis-loving couples were invited to learn how to safely and creatively incorporate weed at their wedding in a classy way.

The expo gave couples various cannabis-themed wedding ideas to run with. Inspiration includes types of marijuana-infused edibles to serve, examples of hemp-themed decor, ideas for favors and so much more.

Think how happy your guests will be if they got to take home a cannabis wedding favor, such as a custom-labelled edible, a weed lollipop or a mini mason jar housing a few gourmet joints. Apparently, and definitely trending in the US, the best wedding favors are the ones that can get you high later.

Although smoking weed at a wedding is no foreign concept for many of you, a weed wedding allows the indulgence to be public, glamorized and enjoyed by all. And guests no longer have to sneak out back to smoke, as weed weddings now provide a bong on every table!

And think about attending a wedding on your own. Some singles are surviving the wedding season better than others, because one thing is for sure: It's a lot easier to attend a wedding dateless with marijuana involved. In fact, it's a lot more fun for all the wedding guests!

That's why weed weddings are becoming the latest trend in states in the USA where marijuana is legal.

Here are some things you can expect from a weed wedding, and why you should consider it for your own big day (when it’s fully legal of course).

Professional "Budtenders" Handling a Cannabis-Style Open Bar

At a weed wedding, you can experience an open bar – cannabis style – with a knowledgeable budtender at your service. (Of course, there's still a regular bartender serving booze). The budtender is hired to guide guests through the event with a selection of pre-rolled joints, pipes, and more. And some budtender’s work closely together with the bartender to come up with creative cannabis drinks for you.

Cannabis-Themed Tables

The centerpieces are often beautiful bouquets that include bud plants, and each table will have its own personal supply of weed to share and enjoy together. Some bongs are even engraved with the bride and groom’s names. And now, since the crowd will be as high as the best man, your guests will really appreciate his hilarious speech.

By smoking in a social setting instead of sneaking out to get high, a whole new element of togetherness is created at these cannabis weddings. According to those who have tried, it truly is a unique and memorable experience.

Cannabis-Educated Chefs

Experienced cannabis chefs incorporate some weed-infused edible cuisine as part of the catering.

According to experts, a sativa edible will get you in the party mood, and it'll likely be handed out during dessert. Later in the evening, an edible with a calming indica blend might make its way into your hands as a parting gift, to help get you ready for bed.

Heightened Sensations

Think about this - at a weed wedding, you know the food will taste much better, the vibes will be off the wall and you and your guests will get way more into the music than you would at a standard wedding.

And in case you're wondering, most of the weed weddings have a separate area apart from the primary reception hall for underage guests and those who prefer not to partake.

So how long will it take before this becomes the legal rage in South Africa?

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