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One Lives Forever With T he Choices One Makes

Although it would be nice to think that being pregnant and unmarried would no longer have a stigma in the 21st century, some social prejudices die hard. The truth is, fewer couples are getting married because of pregnancy. In the 1970s almost 30 percent of unplanned pregnancies would result in marriage. Today only around 7 percent result in marriage. Unmarried couples are far more likely to move in together due to pregnancy than to walk down the aisle. It does still happen but more importantly, there is a lot of pressure to “do the right thing” when it does happen. But….is it the right choice? One thing you must consider before marriage is how long you've been dating the father. Maybe you haven't been dating very long, or perhaps you were not dating at all. You must consider how well you really know the person before you think about getting married. Are you compatible? Are you really ready to spend the rest of your life with him? The divorce rate, especially amongst people who get married because of pregnancy, is very high, and that is a painful and messy process you probably want to avoid. If the two of you aren't truly well matched, then getting married is probably a bad idea. Jumping into a marriage right away could lead to you being in an un - happy marriage. While you may think that you are doing what is best for your child, staying together for the kids is not always your best option. Children who see their parents fight all the time are often more stressed and more likely to be unhappy. It may also negatively skew their views on what a healthy relationship could be like, and give them totally, the wrong perspective on what a good relationship really is.

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