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Colours, charisma, character – the 2019 trends and what colours say about you

Did you know that the hot new colour for 2019 is Living Coral? Not only is it seriously hot eye-candy, it is also voted as the number 1 globally!

Colour is back!

Red, Pink, Coral and Orange are the early favourites.

Or you can choose a kaleidoscope of colours for your wedding. There is also a strong desire for clean design, so the early predictions are for weddings featuring just one or two bold colours against a background of white.

Want a neutral and subdued colour palette wedding?

Everyone's looking for that pop of colour as vivid as their love! Just one pop though, that fits your theme well, like a burnt orange during autumn. No tropical or neon colours that can seem overwhelming or obnoxious.

Experts also believe that in 2019 we will see a move towards patterns, textures and colour tones that we naturally experience in nature.

What are the top wedding party colour trends for 2019?

Ready to wear dresses and mix-match styles of the same colour or silhouette are gaining momentum. Bridesmaids will be wearing floral patterns, geometric patterns or colour blocking is showing up in more designer collections.

And what about your flowers?

Crisp white and emerald greens, soft blush pinks accented with bold bright fuchsia, shades of purple, rich, opulent and regal looking decor and floral designs.

The recently favoured shade of Blush pink will be replaced by stronger more sophisticated Rose pink and Living Coral.

Expect to see less monochromatic colour combinations and more vibrant colours that will pop against a backdrop of greenery. 2019 will be more colourful than previous years with more ambitious colour palettes across the board.

And how does this all work for your makeup?

Well bottom line it is all about going back to basics.

Clean, natural and modern beauty with fresh, healthy and luminescent skin, statement lips and pops of colour. Meghan Markle's and Princess Eugenie's 2018 wedding day beauty looks will be a huge inspiration for 2019.

Beauty trends include sun-kissed blush tones on skin and hair. Big, long lush lashes are here to stay for 2019. And, soft textures for hair for an effortlessly chic look."

The vibe is fresher and lighter vs a heavy Instagram-oriented look.

And for more tips and clues, look out for our March/ April edition found at a leading store near you.

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