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Benefits of being single versus married life

Loneliness or togetherness, the choice is yours

Marriage is a huge step in life, and while it is an amazing and beautiful thing, it is a process that requires lots of hard work and true love to make it through the difficult times. Rushing into a marriage without fully thinking about the future can cause an array of problems for both partners, as well as any children, extended families and even friends. Getting married out of feelings of obligation or necessity can cause more harm than expected. Some women may feel the need to get married when becoming pregnant, but this type of marriage may prove problematic in the future. Marrying someone due to an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy may mean that a couple doesn’t necessarily know enough about one another to have a successful marriage or hadn’t even thought about one until a baby came into the picture. Marriage is something that requires a deep connection and complete certainty from both partners. Rushed marriages can lead to divorce, fighting and general unhappiness, which can all be avoided by remaining single or unmarried. While there has been stigma around people remaining single for most of their lives, statistics have shown that in many cases, these people are happier than those in marriages or relationships, especially if the marriage doesn’t consist of true love. However, this doesn’t mean we should take marriage out of the picture. Marriage and relationships are wonderful parts of life, if and when you’re ready for them. With benefits that extend emotionally, financially and socially, the joining of two people means a best friend for life. This is why being truly in love is so important, because there’s nothing greater than sharing a life with someone special, going through both the tough and great times together. If this is something you want, then when you’re ready, go for it! Marriage does undoubtedly have numerous advantageous, but if you’re more of a single person, be true to yourself. This too has benefits in life, such as independence, personal freedom and the ability to do anything you’d like, within reason. There’s nothing wrong with being single in today’s world, especially if the option of a relationship would cause unhappiness. Remaining unattached is always better than an unhealthy marriage or relationship, which has detrimental effects on everyone around. So is it better to be single or married? It all depends on staying true to yourself and your happiness. Whether that be spending nights with your partner, enjoying each other’s cooking and visiting each other’s families, or remaining single and travelling the world, not tied to one person or place. Either way, it is up to you to choose your own happiness.

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