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What 's T he Difference?

Both the hen’s night and the bridal shower can play a big role in the roller coaster ride that is getting married. These two celebrations may seem similar, however they’re actually vastly different. Hen’s nights are known for being a bit wild. They often involve lots of alcohol, nudity and just general debauchery or mischief. The bridal shower is a tamer party that tends to be multi-generational and quite sophisticated. These two celebrations couldn’t be more different in nature, however at the core, they’re the same. Both are there to celebrate the bride-to-be. Many brides find themselves wondering if both parties are needed. Here are our thoughts on the matter. HEN’S NIGHTS The traditional hen’s night is definitely an acquired taste that not everyone is going to enjoy. Hen’s nights tend to involve the bride-to-be gathering all of her bridal party and other close friends for a night out. This night out tends to be filled with excessive drinking, dancing, penis paraphernalia, brightly coloured sashes stating whether you’re the ‘bride-to-be’, ‘bridesmaid’ or ‘maid of honour’, and probably some male nudity in the form of a stripper. This kind of loud and raucous evening is all in good fun. It’s definitely a way to be yanked out of your comfort zone if you’re someone who is quite shy or introverted. If you’re a bride in this situation and you happen to have very outgoing and cheeky mates, then you may end up on this exact night out. These parties are all well and good, however, many women don’t think this kind of party is for them. If this is you, this may be an indicator for you to plan your own hen’s with a more subdued schedule, or to instead decide on having just a bridal shower.

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