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A Special Day to Remember - Fraaigelegen

First of all, how would you best describe your venue and what do you love most about it?

Fraaigelegen is a family business. When my wife and I started it,

we made sure that the ground rules will be honesty and quality.

We strive to give each client as much information as possible and

eliminate nasty surprises through their journey. Our favourite

thing at Fraaigelegen is that our client become friends.

In your opinion, why is choosing the right venue


You only get one chance to do this. The venue must speak to your personality. The decision must not be based on peer pressure. Your venue must allow you to be creative to fulfil your ideas and needs.

I think most importantly, the ideal venue should run a wedding

without the guests and the bride and groom being aware that the process is actually managed professionally. In short, it must feel as if everything flows into each other seamlessly, no delays and no confusion.

What sets your venue apart from other venues?

We have designed a package which includes everything we can offer a bride into single price. The idea is to make the process as easy and transparent as possible. We supply lawn games, a photo booth, dressing room, indoor or outdoor ceremonies and a long list of other facilities at no extra cost. One single price per person. So we can guarantee you what your wedding is going to cost you 2 years from now.

What would you say should a couple consider when choosing a venue for their big day?

Give us your 3 main points. In house coordination, interactive food and drinks experiences and efficient and friendly service.

What is the number 1 most important part of

choosing a venue? And why?

Again probably our most important advice. You only get to do

this once. Make sure you feel comfortable and welcomed by

venue personnel and that you feel like you are honouring your

own identity.

What would you say is important when choosing the food at a venue?

Freshness. The biggest problem with venues is that the catering is done a factory style. They can start with preparations up to a week in advance. Especially on some meat dishes. It is therefore very important do know when the food is made. Just about any dish will be a tasty dish if it s fresh. We prepare everything on a just in time fashion. That is why our signature dish is our steaks. We are the only known venue that has the ability to prepare each guests steak according to their preference in taste in a buffet set up. They do not have to wait for their steaks or pre order. It is a brilliant adventure for the guests as it is interactive and they can see the preparation of their dinner.

When looking for a venue, would you say it is best viewing a venue with family or without family? And why?

In my experience I would say to start without the whole family. The couple needs to find something that they are happy with

before allowing the influence of family. There is a huge difference between the traditional venue type your parents knew and the more modern option. Once you have decided, then take the family to see your final options.

What should a couple consider while choosing a venue when it comes to the number of guests


We are seeing a sharp increase in weddings booked for Friday

evenings. The main reason for this is that the couple realises that the guests who really want to be there will make a plan on a

Friday, whereas the guest that would just have attended for the free food, would most likely not attend. We always suggest hat you keep your numbers a low as possible. The 50 guest wedding and the 200 guests wedding are both over in the same amount of time. But the difference in cost goes a tremendous amount of way on a honeymoon or even a bond payment for your future as a family.

Do you think a couple should keep accommodation in mind when they book a wedding venue?

10 years ago I would have said no. But lately guests try to avoid driving after such an event as far as possible. The laws on alcohol and driving and safety late at night on the roads has changed the scene on wedding accommodation.

As we know, weather is sometimes unpredictable, what should a couple keep in mind when choosing the venue? And what can you offer the Bride and Groom to be to keep their wedding day perfect?

We have facilities for indoor or outdoor ceremonies which can be set in less than an hour. In Western Cape you must have a guaranteed backup. But it does not stop there. You must have a back up for the photos as well. The photos takes twice as much time as the ceremony and lasts a lifetime. Make sure that you have in inhouse coordinator who can switch things around to offer you time for photos somewhere else in the nights schedule when there is a break in the rain for example.

BONUS QUESTION. What is your favourite part about hosting weddings?

My absolute favourite part is the advise and problem solving.

Planning a wedding is an adventure than can take up to 2 years, but the actual event goes by in a blink of an eye. We are here to help you plan, give ideas, be creative and guide you. On the day – we will solve the problems and keep everything running smooth

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