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No-No 's For Summertime Celebrations

Now that summer is on its way, undoubtedly many couples out there will be gearing up for their summer weddings. We’re here to help ensure that you’re fully prepared for what the day will bring. Here are the 9 summer wedding mistakes to avoid at all costs. L O N G H E AV Y D R E S S E S F O R T H E BRIDESMAIDS Wearing a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress can generally be quite heavy and they can run quite hot due to the layers of fabric. If you’ve got a few gals walking down the aisle with you as your bridesmaids, you may want to consider choosing dresses that are quite light for your summer wedding. Thick and long dresses will only make your bridesmaids too hot in the summer sun, so consider their feelings and comfort and choose lighter fabrics or shorter styles. LACK OF AIR CONDITIONING OR FANS Obviously if you’re marrying in a beautiful venue, you’ll likely have access to air conditioning. Generally, you shouldn’t need to worry about it with venues with modern facilities, however you probably should double check if this is a concern. If you’re not marrying in a venue, but marrying in a marquee or outdoors, then provide your guests with either paper or motorised fans for them to use. They’ll be hugely grateful! MAKE GUESTS SIT OR STAND OUTSIDE WITHOUT SHADE In general, we think it’s quite a big faux pas to leave some of your guests without a seat on your wedding day. But it is especially bad if the weather is hot and there is no shade. Consider your guests’ comfort when you’re planning where to have your ceremony or reception as if they’re directly in the sun and the day is very hot, you may end up with some very burnt or very grumpy guests. NOT ENOUGH WATER At your summer wedding, it is imperative that your guests have access to water. You don’t want any of your guests suffering from dehydration, getting any migraines, or suffering from heatstroke. Think about their health and happiness and provide lots of ice cold water for them to enjoy.

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