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New Ideas That Are Taking Over

For many years, the old wedding traditions that our parents and grandparents had as part of their weddings were just what everyone did. There weren’t many new traditions that were creeping into the picture. Now, we’re seeing more and more new traditions that are making weddings even more unique, creative and interesting. Here are the 10 new wedding traditions that are totally in vogue right now. COLOURED GEMSTONES A diamond ring is always going to be popular for engagement and wedding rings, however, we’re seeing more couples these days opt for different gemstones. These days you’ll see couples going for pretty pink morganite, sapphire, ruby and emerald gemstones in their rings rather than the traditional diamond. A lot of these types of coloured gemstones are less expensive than diamonds, even though some are rarer. CONFLICT-FREE Many couples are also opting for conflict-free gemstones. While it’s hard to say whether opting for a coloured stone will be more conflict-free generally, it’s easy enough to purchase plenty of conflict-free options, both diamond and alternative gemstone, if buying an ethical ring is important to you. To not contribute directly to the issues surrounding diamond mining, many couples also opt for vintage rings. Vintage rings are great because they’re unique, generally more affordable and they’re perfect for the eco-conscious.

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