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10 Ways To Say You're Engaged

The big question has been popped, you’ve got a sparkly new rock on your finger and now it’s time to tell the world. Here are 15 ways to do it that range from traditional to seriously social and modern: GO WITH TRADITION Take a traditional couple’s engagement photo. Over the years, you’ve probably seen people announce their big news this way and all it takes is snapping a great shot of you and your new fiancé and sending it out on social media – or having it printed and send by snail mail. If you want truly memorable shots, rather than a happy snap taken on your phone, hire a professional wedding photographer who can put together an engagement shoot that reflects who you both are. GET A SHOT OF THE ROCK Another popular way to announce your engagement is to take a simple shot of both your hands with the ring in focus like the image above or to shoot a close-up photo of the ring, with you and your fiancé out of focus and in the background. SHOW OFF YOUR LOVE If you and your new fiancé have been writing one another love letters (or, should that be emails and texts), grab them (or printouts and screen-shots), read them out aloud to each other and snap pictures of your new fiancé’s reaction as you do it.


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