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10 Ways to say you’re engaged

Fun ways to get the word out

Telling everyone you know about your recent engagement as well as showing off your new and beautiful ring is one of the most exciting aspects of getting married, with positive emotions at an all time high. How to tell people is something to think about, what kind of story do you want to give as you show off the beginning of a brand-new chapter of your life? There are many ways to do this, ranging from traditional to completely unique, it all depends on you! Posting an engagement photo is a good way to go, and there are various kinds of pictures you could take. A traditional approach would look like snapping a romantic picture of you and your fiancé, either with your own phone or using a professional photographer and sending this out online. If you prefer to go very old-school, you can even print it out and mail it to your friends and family. Another way to go is to take a picture of your hands while wearing the ring – people will be sure to notice the new and shiny addition! If you and your fiancé have ever sent love letters, including these in an engagement picture or video could show off your love to your friends and family. If you’re into surprises, organizing a photographer to be ready to take a picture during the proposal could capture the essence of the couple’s emotions, a perfect way to exhibit their true love.

If you’re not into the idea of posting an image and would prefer to announce the engagement in person, there are also many fun ways to do so. Having a cocktail party or a drinks evening and make the announcement is a fun way to go, the looks on everyone’s faces will be worth it! Other creative ways to tell people include getting Mr and Mrs mugs or sweaters (as cheesy as it sounds) – now that’s a clear sign of your engagement! Pinterest offers an array of fun ideas so be sure to grab some inspiration over there.

Whether you make a big surprise announcement with champagne, balloons and confetti or you keep it calm and classy with a beautiful picture posted on Facebook or Instagram, telling people you’re engaged will be truly be an exciting time. Be prepared for lots of hugs from your friends and family as they share in this wonderful moment.

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