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10 Struggles for a soon to be Bride

As a bride-to-be you may encounter some exasperating, embarrassing or uncomfortable situations during your journey towards making it down the aisle.

Here are 10 awkward situations brides find themselves in…

1. When your mother-in-law suggests centerpieces you hate.

2. When your fiancé says ‘the boys are keeping the Bachelor party a secret’.

3. When you receive five of the same toasters.

4. When a bridesmaid texts you in group chat saying she doesn’t want to wear a blue dress because it doesn’t ‘bring out her eyes’ the same way green does.

5. When your mother/mother-in-law/sister/cousin tries to give you wedding night tips.

6. When your bridesmaids gift you a sex related present at your Bachelorette party in front of your conservative aunt Judith.

7. When your mum is feeling herself a little too much in her M.O.B outfit.

8. When someone asks you how soon after the wedding you plan to have children.

9. When you realise how hard it is to pee in your wedding dress.

10. When someone jokes about proposing to their S.O at your wedding.

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