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10 Inspired Proposal Ideas

Let’s face it, you don’t pluck up the courage to propose every day. So, as this is, arguably, the biggest decision (and hopefully the best) you will ever make, give the occasion a bit of pizzazz. Try and find something unusual, special or, even, unique. Here are some proposal ideas that have wow-factor – but no corn. (OK, maybe a little.)

Traditionally, it is males who do the proposing but, folks, it’s the 21st century and us ladies are equally capable of popping the big question to our guys – or gals. So, every suggestion here could be pulled off by anyone wanting to propose, be they male or female!

The unique-to-you approach

Think about something unique to you, your job or your hobbies that you may be able to use to turn your proposal into something truly special. Take your job as an example. If, say, you’re a bus driver, pop the question on a bus. Workplace rules permitting, pull over and walk to her seat with a bunch of flowers in hand and and, right in front of all the passengers, drop to one knee and ask your very special question of your very special passenger.

The professional sign

It needs to be prominent and look classy. It needs to be placed where the lady in question will see it. The wording needs to be spot on and it also needs to be legal! If your gal has a special nickname, use it. It may be a sign out the front of her home or bunting hung across her desk at work when she walks in one morning. Or, with an even bigger budget, your proposal could be a sign being towed across the sky.

Keep up the tradition

Where was her mother (or grandmother) proposed to? Popping the question in the same place can be pretty darn romantic. If you propose on the same day, that would be the icing on the cake. It will not only touch your bride-to-be, but her family will really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gesture.

What a surprise

We all know this traditional proposal: in a restaurant, with a candlelit dinner, you produce the small box, open it and pass it across to your stunned and excited partner. It’s a great choice for a proposal but we’re talking about something unusual, something special. So, try this variation: in league with the waiting staff, the waiter brings out a dish that has a lid over the plate. The waiter lifts the lid off and there a sparkling engagement ring lies. What a great surprise! Or, better yet – and assuming you know she’s not going to say ‘no,’ have her friends and family on stand by only to emerge once she’s accepted your proposal.

Find it on the beach

Write a loving proposal and place it in a bottle. Go for a stroll on the beach. Have someone in on the act and have them subtly place the bottle in the water just ahead of you. Allow your true love to find the bottle. Play dumb, of course. She will unscrew the bottle and discover the message and what a message it will be!

Just be VERY careful the bottle doesn’t float off – taking your expensive engagement ring with it.

Speaking of the sea

If you and your true love are capable scuba-divers, what a fantastic opportunity to pop the question, sans voice of course, while swimming below the surface. You need a cunning plan which could be as simple as a sign bearing the words ‘will you marry me?’ or just ‘marry me, please.’ Produce the sign and try and have a third party in on the scheme holding a camera. The initial hug and kiss will be quite interesting.

Birthstone and birth flower

If you are going down the route of a traditional proposal, add a real touch of romance by choosing a ring containing her birthstone and the bouquet contains flower associated with her month of birth. Now, that’s pretty sweet and understated.

Keep it simple, sunshine

This acronym, KISS, is often given as advice in business and even in sport. It might also apply equally well in marriage proposals. There’s no rule that you have to propose in a hot-air balloon – although there’s another idea – and in fact, sometimes doing the basic thing in the most obvious place could be perfect for you. Walking through the park and stopping to say, ‘Will you marry me?’ may be the most romantic proposal for your bride (or groom)-to-be.

What’s her dream location?

As you get to know your future bride or groom, you’ll discover a place or places she would love to visit but has never done so. If you can arrange a visit to that much-loved place, when there, pop the question. You’ve thrilled her with the location, now thrill her even more with your proposal.

Almost over-the-top

While there’s nothing wrong with a ridiculously corn and loved-up wedding proposal, these aren’t meant to be (too) corny but, within reason, why not get some help and go all-out? It could be a solo violinist, a barbershop quartet, a line of tap dancers or even a jazz band. If you were at an orchestral concert, with pre-planning obviously, you could have a brief romantic tune – his (or her) favourite – played during which time you propose. You are only limited by your imagination. Just remember, you don’t propose marriage every day so make it something to remember – for all the right reasons.

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