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Shiloh Marriage Advice
  • Shiloh Marriage Advice

    By Grace And By Grace Alone... 

    I love people and have always loved to entertain. My story is a very long story but the short of it is, this venue would not have existed without God's favor and grace.... My husband and I got married 5 December 1992. He always asks people how long they have been married and if they say 10 years he would joke and say don't worry they say the first 10 years are the hardest.... I truly believe that it's God's heart for people to get married and it breaks my heart that so many people get divorced these days - I'm sure I will be able to write a book on marriage BUT that is just the thing - there are already so many books out there! So what is the secret to a long happy marriage? Um... can you hear the crickets yet? Like with everything in life there is just no guarantee for that and nobody knows what the future holds - the one thing I know is this - Never Judge & Always Have Grace. 

    By Tashai Shai



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