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Essential Groom Issue 21

Essential Groom magazine is the only publication that caters to the groom giving him a voice, ensuring that he too is made to feel special on his big day, making this. "The Ultimate Guide for the Ultimate Groom”.
In each issue, we offer all the essentials the groom will need to take into consideration before and after she (the bride) has said: “I do”.
So, this unique platform is here to help and assist the groom, the best man, and the father of the groom when it comes to planning the big day. With each issue we cover a variety of topics from: Choosing the ring, How to pop the question, Writing a speech, The duties of the best man, Men’s attire, Grooming the groom, Sex & intimacy, Honeymoon destination and of course, Marriage advice, that will help you with life after the wedding day. So don't feel alone gentleman we have got you covered and this is why they call it the

"Ultimate Guide For The Ultimate Groom”.
So, gentleman, what are you waiting for, buy your latest issue now!! - and let’s make your wedding day dreams come true.

bigger Essential Groom Issue 21 Cover mockup 2.png



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