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Wedding Essentials Issue 21

Wedding Essentials digital magazine, now with its dedicated website and online store where you can purchase the latest issue for each season, is providing a unique platform that will assist all new Brides-to-be with all the essentials that one needs when planning the perfect wedding. In each issue, we offer tips and advice that will truly Bring Style and Elegance to each bride's Special Day,

helping to make your wedding day dreams come true.
Each issue is a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of planning your wedding, such as Upcoming bridal events, Engagement ideas, Bridesmaids' dresses, Décor and hire, Entertaining your guest Mobile Bar services, Gift & gift ideas, Wedding planning, Trends & traditions for the big day, Fabulous flowers, interviews with Event planners, Tantalizing Wedding cakes. Hair and makeup ideas, Health and fitness, getting you in shape for the big day, Wedding photography for capturing your special moments, Wedding videography - a moment to remember, Wedding venues - a venue for every wedding occasion, Real wedding inspiration and abundance of ideas to choose from and Fabulous wedding dresses with advice from featured dress designers. All these will be sure to Bring Style and Elegance to your Special Day. Each issue is packed with different beautiful dresses to choose from. We have included fashion for your honeymoon and breathtaking honeymoon destinations, to ensure that you and your husband will always stay in that honeymoon phase forever, but most importantly Marriage advice, a guide to help you and your loved one with all the elements of married life and life after the wedding day. So, Ladies, this is a must-read for all new brides-to-be, to guide you and to help make your wedding day dreams come true.
So go on Ladies, buy your latest issue now and let us help make your wedding day dreams come true -

giving you a day you will always remember.

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Wedding Essentials Issue 20 Cover mockup.png

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